Moroni List Charter


MORONI is a discussion list for building an online community among those who agree with the political views of the late Ezra Taft Benson, particularly his view that a modern Gadianton Robber band has gained control of the national government in Washington, D.C.


We are agreed on a few things:
  1. President Benson was authorized by God to reveal "true" politics.
  2. A modern Gadianton Band has gained control of our national government in Washington, D.C.
  3. The Constitution is for the protection of all flesh, not merely citizens of the United States.
  4. The right to keep and bear arms is God given and inalienable.
  5. We are law abiding.
  6. President Hinckley is the only man upon the earth who can authorize civil disobedience.


  1. Except for brief quoting in conjunction with commentary, crossposting is not allowed because the list is for discussion only.
  2. Lurking is not allowed, and only those who post regularly (at least once a month) may remain on the list.
  3. Because the list is exclusively for discussion, the length of quoted material should never exceed the length of accompanying comment and opinion. If needed, include URL's to longer material.
  4. No "fundamentalists" or polygamists are allowed on the list because the list is exclusively for the loyal followers of Jesus Christ through his prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.
  5. The Listowner, John W. Redelfs, is the Benevolent List Tyrant, meaning that he alone is the final arbiter of this Charter and he alone will adjudicate in those areas that are not covered by the Charter.
  6. Those who are not agreed to the six items in the "AREAS OF AGREEMENT" or willing to comply with the six items in the "LIST RULES" will either unsubscribe or will be unsubscribed by the list management with no further notice.