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Welcome to my email discussions! Join fellow Latter-day Saints in a nonthreatening atmosphere and share your ideas, feelings, opinions and testimonies. Lurk or pitch in. We are all good friends, and there is something here for everyone.
  1. Zion
    My main list, Zion is a general discussion list for Latter-day Saints who find joy in following the prophets. Founded in November of 1993, it is the oldest list for Mormons still under its original ownership. A 'spirit of criticism' toward the Brethren is not allowed. Please read the list charter before subscribing because certain topics are not prohibited. There are about 70 members, and list traffic averages 27 messages per day.

  2. Moroni
    My political list, Moroni is for those who fondly remember President Ezra Taft Benson and agree with his politics, especially his belief that a secret combination, a modern Gadianton Robber band, has come to power in our national government. Membership is highly restricted, and all list members must be approved. To obtain the screening questionnaire, please write to me, John W. Redelfs, at There are about 40 members and list traffic averages 9 messages per day.

  3. LDS Doctrine
    Gary Smith and I are colistowners. The list is for the serious, academically rigorous discussion of LDS prophecy, scripture and doctrine. All members are encouraged to cite sources, and to carefully label opinion as distinct from Church doctrine. There are about 85 members and list traffic averages 2 messages per day.

  4. Friends of FARMS
    We are the friends of FARMS and discuss the latest Insight, Journal of the Book of Mormon, FARMS Review of Books, various other FARMS publications and related topics including ancient American antiquities, Egyptology, the Near Middle East, the Book of Abraham, Mesoamerican archaeology, books on the Book of Mormon, and current Dead Sea Scrolls research. FARMS faculty and staff are especially encouraged to participate as well as those who write reviews for FARMS publications. There are about 105 members and list traffic averages 4 messages per day.

  5. Mormon List Owners
    Those who are listowners of Mormon email lists gather here to discuss mutual problems, make announcements, and share news of the LDS online community. Only listowners are welcome. There are about 40 members and the list traffic averages 4 messages per week.

  6. Zion's Bookmen
    Zion's Bookmen is a low traffic list for those who collect or sell LDS books and find joy in following the prophets. Here you may keep up to date on new issues, current prices, book reviews, first editions, Ebay and other auctions, and specialized software. Non-collectors are welcome too. There are about 55 members and list traffic averages 6 messages per week.

  7. Mormons and Jews
    A list for Mormons and Jews to mingle socially, and learn about each other. We hope to become good friends while discussing our respective cultures and religion in a non-threatening atmosphere. Anti-Mormonism and anti-Semitism are not allowed. Bashing and acrimonious debate are prohibited.

  8. Conspiracy News
    A clearinghouse for all conspiracy related news. If it has anything to do with UFOs, JFK, the X-Files, assassinations, the CIA, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the John Birch Society, militias, terrorism, etc., this is the place for it. Anything goes. The list is completely unmoderated and unsupervised. The listowner denies all responsibility for or even knowledge of what is posted.

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