Charter of the Email List, ZION

by John W. Redelfs, Listowner

v4.0, current February 3, 2008

ZION is an email list for Mormons and their friends to discuss life, the universe and everything. All are welcome here provided they can agree to a few simple rules:

1. Only believers and those who desire to believe are welcome here. Members of this list profess to believe the fundamental teachings of the LDS faith, the Four Principles of the Gospel and the Thirteen Articles of Faith. We believe that Joseph Smith was an honest man who told the truth about the First Vision and the origins of the Book of Mormon. We believe that the Book of Mormon is historical. We believe that the men who lead us, the apostles and prophets, are the servants of the Lord, and we follow them joyfully. Nonmembers, inowthem joyfully. Nonmembers, inactive members, and newly active members are also welcome as long as they have a desire to believe these things and agree to abide by the spirit of this charter.

2. Mormon bashing is prohibited. This is not a forum for nonmembers and disaffected members to prove the LDS church and faith are false. There are other forums on the Internet for this. often hosts such discussion. Here it is off topic.

3. Prophet bashing is prohibited. This is a forum for those who love and joyfully follow the prophets and apostles of the LDS church. It is not a forum for focusing on their faults and sins, real or imagined. We do not gossip and backbite these holy servants of God. Those with private agendas for coercing these men to alter Church doctrine in such areas as so-called gay rights, feminism and other worldly issues are forbidden to participate here. The spirit of criticism so common in some other Internet forums will not be tolerated here.

4. Inappropriate discussion of sacred temple ordinances is prohibited. All Latter-day Saints who have been through the temple have made covenants with God to discuss certain aspects of the temple ritual only within the temple. We are going to keep these covenants on this list. Further we will not allow others to break them in our presence.

5. Discussion of sexual immorality and perversion is prohibited. Because some are weak and inclined to develop a prurient interest in such topics, and because of the special problems of computer networking, sexual perversion is off topic on ZION. For the purposes of this charter, such topics include but are not limited to homosexuality, lesbianism, masturbation, onanism, sexual child abuse, abortion, pornography, AIDS, sex education, condoms, birth control, oral sex, etc. If in doubt, check privately with the listowner by email.

6. Discussions of conspiracy theory are prohibited. The Council on Foreign Relations ie. the CFR, the doctrines of the John Birch Society, the 9-11 Truth Movement, the political teachings of President Ezra Taft Benson, Ether 8:24, related scriptures, and other allegations of a modern Gadianton Robber Band in our national government will not be tolerated. Experience has shown that these topics cannot be discussed without arousing a spirit of hostility and even hatred.

In a nutshell, this is a forum in which a wide diversity of Mormons can discuss many things of common interest protected from the "spirit of criticism" toward Church leaders that occurs elsewhere. It is a refuge and a sanctuary for those who are uncomfortable with the bad feelings that ensue from such a spirit.

ZION is not a moderated list. However it is a private list belonging to John W. Redelfs, the listowner. All participation here is at his discretion. It is not a list designed to reflect only the personality and tastes of the listowner, but it is a list designed to correct some of the abuses prevalent in other forums frequented by Latter-day Saints, to provide a place of sanctuary for those believing Latter-day Saints who do not always feel welcome or comfortable among those who seek to tear down our faith in our church leaders, the Book of Mormon or the Prophet Joseph Smith.

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