Zion's Best 20 LDS Websites

Are these the best 20 LDS websites on the Internet? In my opinion they are. See if you can find something wonderful here, something that you didn't already know about. And check back often. What I consider "best" varies with my moods, and I'm a very moody guy. If you disagree with me about a recommendation, or feel I've left out something important, let me know.

  1. The Official Church Website
    This is by far the best website for Mormons on the Internet. It has everything: The LDS scriptures complete with footnotes and cross references, the Topical Guide, the last 30 years of Church magazines, recent Conference Reports in full-text and audio, exhaustive search tools on , an online Church Distribution store, press releases, recent Church news, information on our basic beliefs, and much more. It is an invaluable help in preparing lessons and Sacrament talks. Highly recommended.

  2. FARMS
    The Foundation of Ancient Research and Mormons Studies (FARMS) maintains the best site available for Latter-day Saints interested in the latest scholarly research on the Book of Mormon and related antiquities. The writings of Hugh Nibley are prominently featured and discussed along with the many fine periodicals published by FARMS. These include Insights, their regular newsletter for FARMS members; FARMS Review of Books; The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies; and their many fine monographs. Some of the website is available only to subscribed FARMS members, but much of it can be accessed free of charge.

  3. Family Search
    Simply the best genealogy and family history site on the Internet. Nothing else comes close. Are you planning a temple outing? Here is the place to help get your family together for the trip.

  4. Deseret Book
    With the possible exception of Amazon.com, this is the best site for the online purchase of Church books. There is also an online auction for used, rare and out-of-print Church books. And other merchandise is available, such as art, clothing, Church Distribution materials, emergency preparedness items, family history supplies, games, jewelry, missionary supplies, music, periodicals, Sacrament program covers, scrapbooking supplies, stickers, scriptures, totes, software, teaching aids, and video.

  5. Boolean Search of the Book of Mormon
    Have you ever been frustrated that you cannot use Boolean search terms to find in the Book of Mormon? I have. I especially like being able to use quotation marks around a string in searching. This is not supported by the Infobases CD-ROM. This site lets a user search the Book of Mormon much more effectively.

  6. The Joseph Smith Translation
    Maintained by members of the RLDS church, this is the best copy of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible on the Internet. Many passages from this Bible are included in our own scriptures, and prominent scholars such as Robert J. Matthews have devoted much of their lives to a study of this wonderful, inspired work. Often the corrections made by Joseph Smith make passages in the King James Version more clear. Highly recommended.

  7. BYU Library
    This is one of the best sites on the Internet for Latter-day Saints who love LDS books and authors. Many of the best books are no longer in print. The Internet offers abundant resources for locating used, rare, and out-of-print titles. But to use those resources, one needs information on the publisher, publication date, edition numbers, etc. For Church books, there is no better place to get such information than the card catalog of the Harold B. Lee Library on the BYU campus. Not even the Library of Congress compares.

  8. Deseret News
    Here is the best source for news of the Church, in my opinion. For a subscriber fee, you can read The Church News online. But the Deseret News front page and other news stories are available for free. Not only that, upon request they will email interesting news stories to you.

  9. BYU Bookstore
    One of the best sources in the Church for LDS books and other merchandise of interest to Latter-day Saints. And of course, this is an excellent site for T-shirts, baseball caps, and other clothing specifically for the BYU football or basketball fan.

  10. BYU Independent Study
    BYU was the not the first onto the Internet with distance education, nor have they jumped onto the bandwagon with the mindless alacrity of some other institutions. But due largely to the excellence of their Independent Study department, they are one of the best programs available online. That makes this one of Zion's best websites.

  11. Meridian Magazine
    Meridian Magazine is the best online LDS magazine. It is done in a very slick, professional style. My wife loves it, and uses it often to prepare her Gospel Doctrine lessons. There are many fascinating and useful articles by LDS experts and professionals on topics of interest to LDS families.

  12. General Authorities
    This is the best website for information on our General Authorities. Do you need to find out when someone was called to the Council of the Twelve, or when a President passed away and another succeeded him? This is the place to come. And it includes information about all the General Authorities in this dispensation, not just those alive today.

  13. FAIR
    What is the best site for researching the bogus claims of the anti-Mormons? This is it! FAIR is the Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research. Here you can learn everything you need to know in order to answer the charges of that nonmember who wants to persuade you that the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible, that we worship a different Jesus, or that Joseph Smith was a fraud. Recently merged with the Scholarly and Historical Information Exchange for Latter Day Saints (Betwinner), it is an outstanding resource for online saints.

  14. The Dead Sea Scrolls
    This is the best LDS website on the Dead Sea Scrolls, maybe the only LDS website specifically about the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is a great place to keep current on related LDS research.

  15. Mormon Literature Web Site
    This is the best website for those who are interested in Mormon literature and literary criticism. With a BYU web address, these intellectuals are not quite so puffed up or critical of the Church leadership as are the Signaturi.

  16. Jeff Lindsay's LDS FAQ
    Jeff Lindsay has been working on this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for years, and it continues to get better and better. Many of the most controversial questions about Mormon doctrine are well answered here. It is one of the "best" sites for doctrine.

  17. Disputed Mormon Texts
    Throughout Mormondom, and throughout Church history, there have been apocryphal visions and revelations circulated without authority among the saints. Most of these are simply false. But some gullible members of the Church still believe them, perhaps because their sensationalistic nature makes them more interesting to the carnal mind. In virtually every case, these texts have been disputed by the Brethren and serious Church scholars. This website is the best one that I know of for becoming aware of some of these "disputed Mormon texts."

  18. The Cumorah Project
    By far the best international site for Latter-day Saints on the Internet, the Cumorah Project, owned by David Stewart, features the work of a number of LDS webmasters. One of its most important features is Marc Schindler's excellent "International Atlas of LDS Temples, Missions, Stakes, and Church Units."

  19. Nauvoo - Home of Vigor
    Who is Orson Scott Card? Probably the best known LDS writer in the history of publishing, he is the author of some of the best science fiction ever written. In 1980 and 1981 he accomplished the almost unthinkable. He won both the Hugo and Nebula science fiction awards two years in a row for his ENDER'S GAME and it's sequel, SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD. And while he is primarily known outside the Church for his outstanding talent, he also writes for a Church audience. This "best" website is the home for his popular newsletter, Vigor.

  20. LDS Today
    A very slick and professionally done website, LDS Today is one of the best portals for resources, news, and shopping focused on an LDS audience.

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