Zion's Best 25 Movies for Latter-day Saints

This short list of the best "Church standards" movies was compiled from a short, informal survey taken on the Zion's Best website. The question was,"What is your favorite G-rated or PG-rated movie?" Please add your own vote in the form below. I will include it in updates

  1. Princess Bride (3)

  2. The Sound of Music (3)

  3. Ever After (2)

  4. Pride and Prejudice (2)

  5. Calamity Jane

  6. Casablanca

  7. Chariots of Fire

  8. The Quiet Man

  9. E.T. The Extraterrestrial

  10. Hoosiers

  11. It's a Wonderful Life

  12. The Kid

  13. The Lion King

  14. The Mighty Ducks

  15. Some Like It Hot

  16. The Spy Kids

  17. Star Wars (the original)

  18. Swiss Family Robinson

  19. Toy Story

  20. The Wizard of Oz

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